About the TCSPA

Welcome to theTCS Parent Association (TCSPA)

We are committee comprised of parents and guardians of our cadets as well as the Commanding Officer. TCSPA is responsible for planning and coordinating activities to support the squadron including squadron lunches, annual ball and silent auction, spaghetti dinner fundraisers, and more.

The squadron relies on parent volunteers and we appreciate any involvement that you can offer. Expect emails with squadron event details and options to sign-up to volunteer.

Our quarterly parent meeting dates and times can be found on the POM. We look forward to meeting you and having you join our great team of parent volunteers!

Mrs. Jodi Hollstrom

Safety Is Our Top Priority

All of our volunteers must undergo a background check before becoming a member of our officer corps. Cadets are under adult supervision during all training events. 

Click here for the Parent Handbook.

How Can I Help My Cadet Succeed?

  • Successful cadets have the full support of their parents or legal guardians.
  • Your cadet will rely on you to be punctual in dropping off and picking them up from drill and other functions.
  • Help your cadet with organizing their 3-ring binder for their awards, recognition, and coursework papers.
  • Purchase necessities required for training.
  • Encourage them to follow their chain of command.
  • Ask questions about drill, upcoming events, and coursework they’re doing. Ask about their plan for training and advancement.
  • If you can, become involved! Whether that’s volunteering your time with the Parent Association or becoming an officer or instructor.
  • Our organization is a nonprofit and we rely on parents to support the efforts of our volunteer officers and instructors working with your child.
  • Parents are required to provide transportation for their cadets to and from all unit activities and summer training. (At times our Parent Association will provide carpooling when we are off-site.)

Please contact the CO, ENS Andrew Barnes​ to find out ways that you can volunteer your time and contribute to the success of our squadron.